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Please read below for some tips on completing an online application.

Before You Start...

Email address

Your email address is our primary method of contact with you, so in many ways it is more important than your name!! Ensure that this is correct, current, reliable and accessible. Some web based email systems can become 'full' quite quickly. Make sure you understand any limitations that may apply to your email account.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Ensure that your ISP will provide you with uninterrupted online access for the entire application process. Many ISP's will automatically disconnect you if there has been no communication from your computer for a set period of time, which can be as little as 10 minutes for some ISPs. **Simply typing information on a web page is not registered as communication with an ISP - you must save your work to continue communicating with your ISP.

Your browser

Check the Internet Browser that you use is compatible with the application. This system is optimized for version 5.0 and above browsers. If you have an earlier browser version - more current versions can be downloaded free of charge over the Internet.

During The Application...

Read all the text and instructions

Text and instructions are used sparingly throughout the online application process and exist to assist you in completing the application successfully - so read them carefully!

Treat your application like a formal document

Just because the application is online does not mean it can be written like an email to a friend. Ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct, and that you have used the correct punctuation where appropriate. For extended answers you may write them in an application that contains spell checking then cut and paste the answers into your online application when completed.

When You Are Finished...

Email address

Worth another mention - it is vital that you enter your CORRECT email address! Ensure you double-check your address prior to submitting your online application.

Good Luck!